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Blog Posts:

Are we witnessing the death of ITIL?  Principal Consultant Patrick Keogh is predicting the death of ITIL® unless it responds to new approaches, channels and customers. read more...

Stress is inevitable, so put it to work for good!  National Practice Lead Ulysses De Vincentis says good leaders harness stress by building resilience into their teams. read more...

Lean IT: New focus on old ways  Once cybersecurity is part of the culture people will help you secure the business – often in ways that will never even be noticed says Clem Colman. read more...

Cultural Transformation: Developing resilience through Simplification, Speed and Sustainability  In the final part of his series on essential transformational strategies Tom Hayes says building a resilient culture is necessary to thrive in the face of inevitable change. read more...

Organisational Transformation: Building an adaptive organisation through Platforms, People and Partnerships  Platforms deliver capability, people leverage platforms, and partnerships complete the picture of an adaptive organisation in the third part of Tom Hayes series on essential transformational strategies. read more...

Market Transformation: Innovation through Design, Data and Devices  The art of design, the science of data and a focus on devices provides fertile ground for market innovation for Tom Hayes in part two of his series on essential transformational strategies. read more...

Digital Transformation: Driving Innovation, Creating Adaptability and Developing Resilience  In the first of a four part series covering essential transformational strategies, Tom Hayes explores Digital Transformation. read more...

Lean IT: New focus on old ways  Darren Burgess traces the history of Lean from Japanese manufacturing to its application for today’s ITOs – and reveals the secret of reducing waste in enterprise IT. read more...

Think succinct in creating a Digital Government Strategy CSC Consulting Lead James Robins provides five steps to creating a roadmap for digitising government operations. read more...

Fostering the next generation of InfoSec experts  Robert “Bull” Winkel, from UXC Saltbush, has found some of his best team members outside of traditional recruitment more...

Cyber security enters the boardroom  David Begg welcomes a healthy new respect for the importance of cyber security to enterprise success – or failure read more...

Service Management truths revealed in a refreshing new guide  Rae-Maree Powell believes the new ITIL® Practitioner Guidance benefits more than just the ITSM crowd. read more...

The Digital Transformation of Government  Public sector institutions now face the reality that they need to adapt to digital demands says Scott Gledhill read more...

Data breach: It's not just about who you know UXC Saltbush NSW Manager David Begg explains why protecting your information assets is not just about ‘stranger danger’ – threats can come via the best of friends! read more...

Cyber security leadership from the top David Jarvis and Clem Colman from UXC Saltbush offer their first impressions of the Federal Government’s new Cyber Security Strategy. read more...

Top 3 (Avoidable) DevOps Implementation Mistakes Rachel Seaniger and Chris Morrison call-out the most frequent mistakes made with DevOps implementations – offering tips on how to avoid them. read more...

9 Step Implementation Framework for DevOps Rachel Seaniger and Chris Morrison explain how to dramatically increase the likelihood of sustaining a DevOps initiative over the longer-term by following this cyclical framework, which integrates the ITIL® Continual Service Improvement (CSI) Framework with an adaptation and expansion of the Change Process Framework. read more...

Australia's Cyber Security Strategy and Action Plan - Awakening our Nation to a Modern Day Threat On 21 April 2016, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull officially launched the Federal government’s national cybersecurity strategy. This initiative provides the pivotal step needed for the greater protection of the nation from cybersecurity attacks that have demonstrated the potential to endanger national security. This strategy will be instrumental in providing explicit guidance to a wide range of businesses and individuals in operating safely in cyberspace. read more...

The 3 realities of ICT security all senior executives must accept David Jarvis from UXC Saltbush explains why no tool can guarantee your information assets are safe – but your security strategy is the right place to start. read more...

If it’s not Enterprise Class, it won’t cut it Kostas Kalantzis sees all kinds of organisations struggling with resilience of core systems and applications. read more...

Stop admiring the problem – we’ve had enough project and program failures! Ian Sharpe looks at the Shergold report to find some keys to success for private as well as public enterprises. read more...

Bring down the wall between Dev and Ops Harold Petersen says no organisation developing software can now avoid the necessity of creating a DevOps capability. read more...

Cutting through the hype: what 2016 looks like for technology leaders Michael Billimoria summarises expert predictions for 2016 and says critical aspects of managing business technology must adapt to a faster world. read more...

Memo to ICT: Should we be collecting metadata? Iain Stevenson explains why every organisation should examine its position under the recently enacted Amendment to the Telecommunications Act. read more...

NBN is ready for business – is business ready for the NBN? UXC Consulting’s Mark Ochota advises you to factor the NBN into your telecommunications planning – and the time to start is now... read more...

It is time for a next generation of project management Ian Rogers believes traditional practices are demonstrably failing in business change and ICT projects. It is time for something new. read more...

Man the barricades… What barricades? Clem Colman suggests that it's time to change our fortress mindset towards network security. read more...

VicFreeWiFi Network Security Tips The VicFreeWiFi network is free to access by all. Whilst most users on the network are responsible, you still need to be vigilant against hackers who will try to invade your privacy. Here are some tips to make sure you’re prepared. read more...

Tips for getting the most out of the VicFreeWiFi Network The VicFreeWiFi network is enabled with the latest WiFi technology. Here are some tips to get the most out of your experience. read more...

UXC Consulting acts as technical advisor to the Victorian government for the VicFreeWiFi network. UXC Consulting has acted as the technical advisor to the Victorian government during the procurement and design of the VicFreeWiFi network. read more...

ITSM: Don't stop with Ops! Rachel Seaniger urges continuation of the IT Service Management (ITSM) journey to achieve lasting value. read more...

Enterprise Architecture: Fish or Fowl? After over a decade in Enterprise Architecture, David Dornbrack finds it both confounding and fascinating, because it’s not an exact science. read more...

Vulnerability Assessment v Penetration Testing UXC Consulting’s George Stewart tries to clear up the confusion. read more...

Taking inspiration from young ICT explorers How a group of school children between grades 3 and 12 have taken to solving real-world ICT problems, inspiring Steve Toomey in the process. read more...

SIAM in Government With several major Australian organisations currently embarking on SIAM, Harold Petersen – who has been involved in designing and implementing several major SIAM operating models – explains why the time is NOW for government departments and agencies. read more...

The Power and the Passion: Why a good BA is crucial to project success Empower a passionate BA, give them the space and resources they need to do their job well, and take their recommendations seriously advises Astrid Ries. read more...

5 critical steps to security and privacy on the path to digital government David Jarvis examines the threats that arise with the implementation of digital government platforms and uncovers a way forward that balances risks to privacy and security against the substantial benefits to citizens. read more...

Finding the WHY Craig Nenke discusses The Why Initiative, an exploration of, and a commitment to, the purpose behind what we do, as individuals and as a company. read more...

Is SIAM the Silver Bullet for Multi-Sourcing? Stephen Chessell investigates SIAM as a solution to ongoing change in the IT landscape. read more...

Lean Change a unique approach to managing change at speed Paul Jenkinson introduces Lean Change, a vital new addition to the change agent's toolkit when dealing with the problems posed by ongoing digital disruption. read more...

IT Security: A Slice of Reality IT Security is a serious business. A Penetration Test can cut through the illusion to tell you something real & true about your efforts says Clem Colman. read more...

Why teams are your greatest unmanaged delivery risk You must detect, and actively manage, your team performance risk otherwise you risk project disaster says Ian Sharpe. read more...

Seven tips for PMO-as-a-Service (PMOaaS) using a co-sourcing model In Part 2 of a discussion series, Chris Greenway offers practical advice for delivering a successful PMO engagement. read more...

Is PMO-as-a-Service the solution to rising failure rates? In Part 1 of a discussion series, Chris Greenway explores the PMO-as-a-Service trend. read more...

Are you managing your Service Portfolio? The CIO is expected to be the prestidigitator, managing priorities like a juggler attempting the next world record. But just how many new projects can IT effectively handle, before the entire elegant display comes crashing down asks Jamie Donoghue. read more...

Project & Change Series Part 3: The Project Manager’s Perspective. Part 3 of our discussion series looking at the traditional roles of the Project Manager, Change Manager, related BAU functions, and how these roles integrate... Ulysses De Vincentis gives the Project Manager's perspective. read more...

The only rule is 'no biting' For IT companies, and IT security companies in particular, business is about trust says Clem Colman. read more...

Building customer value: itSMF National Conference. For the 18th consecutive year, UXC Consulting is sponsoring and exhibiting at the itSMF national conference. ‘Service Management 2015: Building Customer Value’ will be held in Sydney from 20-21 August. read more...

The rise and rise of software substitution. Michael Billimoria looks at the last decade of technology advancement and related digital disruption, where this trend is leading, and what that means for your organisation. read more...

Is SIAM the white knight on the horizon for ITSM? Rachel Seaniger explores why organisations have been setting up their ITSM initiatives for failure, and questions why they plan on investing less in the next year. read more...

It’s official: Credit Card IT is now mainstream. Sean Mathieson has been investigating some statistics on Credit Card IT and Mobile Apps that confirm long-held suspicions. read more...

Digital workplace study confirms what we've all been thinking. Nick Mescher analyses a recent Australian digital workplace study, kicking off a commentary series on the key factors you need to know. read more...

Project & Change Series Part 2: An Organisational Change Management View. Part 2 of our discussion series looking at the traditional roles of the Project Manager, Change Manager, related BAU functions, and how these roles integrate... Paul Jenkinson presents an Organisational Change Management (OCM) view. read more...

Hyperconnectivity: The future of business technology. UXC’s Sean Mathieson posits that hyperconnectivity will not only support growing business technology trends in the next five years, but fundamentally change the way IT must respond. read more...

Five tips to get clean about compliance. Maintaining PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance is kind of like teaching your kids to clean their room regularly says George Stewart. The longer between cleans the more likely you’ll face a lot of screaming, crying and temper tantrums. Leave it long enough and you’ll need to do it for them. read more...

Will your existing project delivery structure remain relevant in a world of hyper-connectivity and constant technology change? National Practice Leads Paul Jenkinson, Mal Collins & Ulysses De Vincentis kick off a discussion series looking at the traditional roles of the Project Manager, Change Manager, related BAU functions, and how these roles integrate... asking is there a better way? read more...

Ten ITSM Implementation Challenges & How To Overcome Them Michael Billimoria highlights the challenges your organisation will face when undertaking an IT Service Management (ITSM) implementation or upgrade... and how to overcome them. read more...

Business Transformation: Tired of investing resources only to realise sub-optimal benefits? Paul Jenkinson discusses the challenge for any organisation that wishes to be successful - how to make Business Transformation an effective and continuous process. read more...

SIAM: Transforming service delivery. The ‘new black’ for multi-sourcing Michael Billimoria warns IT service providers to embrace the concept of Services Integration or get out of the road. read more...

5 ways to get Adult about Penetration Testing Our highly experienced Penetration Testers Dave Jarvis and Robert “Bull” Winkel offer five tips for mature organisations. read more...

Culture, context & coaching: why local leaders are kicking goals CEO Nick Mescher draws parallels between Australian leadership & sport, and weighs in on the global vs local debate read more...

2015: The year reality outpaces hype in business technology UXC’s Sean Mathieson predicts what’s actually going to happen in business technology during 2015 read more...

Agile PMO White Paper: Managing a two-speed IT environment Jamie Donoghue & Anthony Nantes explore the rise of the two-speed IT environment and how an Agile PMO can ensure project governance without stifling innovation read more...

ICT security risk assessor: Cassandra or Chicken Little? Bernie Ryan argues that an ICT security risk assessment is a wasted investment if you’re just ‘ticking the compliance box’. True business value comes from going the next step and asking the really important questions read more...

5 ways to take Gen Y/Z users from hating your Service Desk to loving it Michael Billimoria highlights 5 ways to transform your traditional Service Desk to make it relevant for the expectations of a born digital workforce read more...

The Year of Disruption: IT Trends & Events of 2014 Sean Mathieson reviews a year in which disruption became a tsunami sweeping away entrenched IT practices, the beginning of incredible expansion into new territory read more...


The New Project Paradigm - Can Your Capability Still Deliver? UXC Consulting CEO, Nick Mescher, delivered a presentation on the changing project management landscape at the NSW IT Leaders Summit that was held in Sydney on 17-18 March. The presentation was titled The New Project Paradigm – Can Your Capability Still Deliver? The session commenced with a summary of the plethora of changes impacting on IT departments today and then detailed how CIOs can get more out of their resources view presentation...

Client Stories:

Achieving ISO 20000 Certification in the Public Sector UXC Consulting was engaged to assist the Public Safety Network Management Centre (PSNMC) to achieve their objective of obtaining certification to ISO/IEC 20000, an international standard for IT Service Management read more...

Orica transforms global IT service delivery A restructure and re-organisation was necessary to align IT support staff along global lines and move towards an effective service delivery framework read more...

Programme Management Planning: Bringing a strategy to life - planning for efficient implementation UXC Consulting worked with Sydney Water to develop a high level Programme Plan for the first five years of the implementation of the 20 year Biosolids Strategy read more...

Cost Modelling: Saving millions in managing a national data network UXC Consulting developed an Operational Management Cost Model that took into account all physical and financial dimensions of Transpower’s new communications network, compared to its legacy network. The model enabled Transpower to realise significant cost more...

White Papers and Resources:

Accelerating digital transformation through implementing a DevOps capability Rachel Seaniger and Chris Morrison show how to leverage the DevOps movement as part of a digital transformation journey by approaching its implementation with a holistic perspective. read more...

Implementing or upgrading your Service Management solution? Ten challenges you'll face and how to overcome them Every IT Service Management (ITSM) program will have challenges that are specific to the organisation undertaking the implementation. However, there are some common challenges which all organisations are likely to encounter. This paper highlights the challenges your organisation will face and some strategies you can use to overcome them read more...

Agile Change: addressing the people side of your Agile projects Agile project methodology is rapidly gaining popularity in organisations as they strive to keep ahead and innovative in a challenging global and national environment. One of the key causes of failed Agile projects is not just a lack of experience in Agile methods, it is a lack of understanding of the broader organisational change required read more...

Best Practices: How to Control Roaming Costs With the exponential growth of mobile devices in the workplace and mobile data traffic continuing to grow, IT and telecom managers in businesses of all sizes have to deal with excessive roaming costs, both domestic and international. There are powerful and innovative solutions available to businesses that allow them to manage their roaming usage proactively and prevent costly, unexpected surprises read more...

Tired of investing resources in Business Transformation only to realise sub-optimal benefits? The challenge for any organisation that wishes to be successful is how to make Business Transformation an effective and continuous process. How well do you currently manage change events and associated programs? Is your organisation structured to allow for continuous improvement and transformation? Is your culture adaptive and ruthless in its pursuit of doing things better? read more...

How to Plan and Execute an Outsourced TEM Engagement Fixed and mobile communications services are among the top five business expenses, but many organisations do a poor job of managing telecommunications spending. Organisations of all sizes can benefit from using Telecommunications Expense Management services to offload noncore activities and optimise telecoms spending read more...

Wrapping PRINCE2® around Agile. You can, but should you? Is PRINCE2 effective as a governance wrapper for an Agile framework like Scrum? This paper explores the issues and questions that need to be resolved for organisations that want to combine these two approaches read more...

Project Delivery: Where have all the skills gone? Ten years of changing workforces, markets and business delivery priorities has taken its toll on in-house project delivery resources. This white paper shows how assessing and developing these skills is the first step to capitalising on the new opportunities for growth. read more...

Are You Managing Your Service Portfolio? The CIO is expected to be the prestidigitator, managing priorities like a juggler attempting the next world record. But just how many ‘new projects’ can IT effectively handle, before the entire elegant display comes crashing down? read more...

Your customers are changing... Is Your Service Desk Keeping Up? In today’s rapidly changing business environment, the Service Desk continues to be a critical function within almost all IT organisations. However, our customer base is changing and if the modern day Service Desk doesn’t keep up then the value they provide will rapidly diminish. read more...

Is Agile Or Waterfall The Best? The answer is not binary! This paper examines two popular approaches for the management of software development and asks the question; “Is there a third way?” read more...

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  • ITSM StrategyIT Service Management
  • ITSM AssessmentIT Service Management
  • Supplier / Multi Sourcing Governance Model design implementationIT Service Management
  • ITSM Tool SelectionIT Service Management
  • End-to-End ITSM ImplementationIT Service Management
  • End-to-End ITSM Implementation using ServiceNowIT Service Management
  • ITSM Continual Service ImprovementIT Service Management
  • ITSM Continual Service Improvement with ServiceNowIT Service Management
  • Certified TrainingIT Service Management
  • Service Integration And Management (SIAM)IT Service Management
  • DevOpsIT Service Management
  • Master Classes for executive awareness and practice capability upliftIT Service Management
  • Security as a ServiceInformation & Cyber Security
  • Application DevelopmentInformation & Cyber Security
  • Communications Technology Strategy and Financial ModellingCommunications
  • Strategy Review & DevelopmentStrategy & Architecture
  • Architecture Assessment & BlueprintStrategy & Architecture
  • Business Continuity – Disaster RecoveryInformation & Cyber Security
  • Public Safety CommunicationsCommunications
  • Business Case & RoadmapStrategy & Architecture
  • Cyber SecurityInformation & Cyber Security
  • Telecommunications Regulatory and Policy AdviceCommunications
  • Communications Project Planning and ImplementationCommunications
  • Governance & Operating Model Review & DevelopmentStrategy & Architecture
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)Information & Cyber Security
  • Penetration And General TestingInformation & Cyber Security
  • Radio System Engineering Design and Coverage PredictionCommunications
  • Strategy and Architecture Capability UpliftStrategy & Architecture
  • Information ManagementStrategy & Architecture
  • Radio Frequency LicensingCommunications
  • Security ArchitectureInformation & Cyber Security
  • CloudStrategy & Architecture
  • Communications Network Engineering and DesignCommunications
  • Radio SolutionsEnterprise Communications
  • Security TrainingInformation & Cyber Security
  • Communications System ProcurementCommunications
  • MobilityStrategy & Architecture
  • Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM)Communications
  • Lean ChangeBusiness Transformation
  • Business Readiness AssessmentBusiness Transformation
  • BA Organisational Change ManagementBusiness Analysis
  • Change Initiative ManagementProgram & Project Management
  • Value ManagementBusiness Transformation
  • Capability Assessment & PlanningBusiness Analysis
  • Capability Assessment and PlanningProgram & Project Management
  • Organisational Change ManagementBusiness Transformation
  • BA Centre of Excellence ImplementationBusiness Analysis
  • Business Process ManagementBusiness Transformation
  • PMO ImplementationProgram & Project Management
  • Business Analysis TrainingBusiness Analysis
  • Certification TrainingProgram & Project Management
  • High Performing Leaders & TeamsBusiness Transformation
  • BA Professional ServicesBusiness Analysis
  • BT Professional ServicesBusiness Transformation
  • PM Professional ServicesProgram & Project Management
  • News

    Two-Speed IT: The New Project Reality  

    Melbourne, 3 October 2014 In a recent article in Business First Magazine (, UXC Consulting CEO Nick Mescher detailed his view of the current state of project delivery, and how digital disruption is cre..

    UXC Consulting Acquires Information and Cyber Security Services Firm  

    Melbourne, 1 October 2014 UXC Consulting is pleased to announce the acquisition of information and cyber security professional services organisation Saltbush Group. Saltbush Group is one of the leading professional services firms in the s..

    ITSM Implementation White Paper Wins Industry Award  

    Melbourne, 28 August 2014 UXC Consulting ITSM Practice Lead, Michael Billimoria, has won the itSMF White Paper of the Year award for 2014. The annual Industry Awards for Excellence in IT Service Management recognise and honour organisations w..

    UXC Consulting Speakers at AIPM Forum  

    Melbourne, 14 August 2014 UXC Consulting practitioners will be featured as part of next week's Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) Annual Victorian Forum. The event, taking place in Melbourne on 21 August, is based on themes..

    UXC Consulting Supports Young ICT Explorers Competition  

    Brisbane, 5 August 2014 UXC Consulting is supporting the Young ICT Explorers initiative this year, with QLD Regional Manager Steve Toomey invited to join the judging panel of the non-profit competition. (

    UXC continues long-running sponsorship of itSMF national conference  

    Melbourne, 4 July 2014 For the 17th consecutive year, UXC will be a major sponsor of the southern hemisphere’s largest IT Service Management conference – itSMF’s LEADit. The event, being held at the Pullman Melbourne Al..

    UXC Leaders Raise Over $20,000 in CEO Sleepout  

    Melbourne, 1 July 2014 UXC Leaders Nick Mescher (CEO UXC Consulting), Steve Toomey (QLD Regional Director), Ian Poole (CEO UXC Connect) and Stuart Dickinson (CEO UXC Oxygen) raised over $20,000 as part of the St Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout (h..

    UXC Consulting Director of Advisory Qualifies as ITIL Master  

    Melbourne, 22 April 2014 UXC Consulting’s position at the forefront of the local IT Service Management (ITSM) (/new-services/it-service-management) industry has been further confirmed by the recent achievement of ITIL® Master qualif..

    UXC Consulting Practitioner Achieves Global Recognition  

    Melbourne, 16 April 2014 UXC Consulting Principal Ian Sharpe has become the first person in the world to achieve ‘4-D System Master’ status. The 4-D System was developed by Dr Charles Pellerin as a result of his leading t..

    UXC Consulting sponsors and presents at NSW IT Leaders Summit  

    Sydney, 18 March 2014 UXC Consulting CEO, Nick Mescher, delivered a presentation on the changing project management landscape at the NSW IT Leaders Summit that was held in Sydney on 17-18 March. The presentation was titled The New Pr..

    UXC Consulting Practitioners Elected to AIPM Board  

    Melbourne, 2 October 2013 UXC Consulting has continued its strong presence in the Project Management industry with two practitioners taking key positions in a prominent local peak-body. Trevor Alex and Ian Sharpe have been elected as Nationa..

    New Melbourne office for UXC Consulting  

    Melbourne, 2 September 2013 UXC has continued its evolution towards a more unified organisation by opening a new office in a prime Collins Street location in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. This landmark initiative for the business..

    Orica wins itSMF Project of the Year award with global IT service delivery transformation project  

    Melbourne, 20 August 2013 UXC Consulting client, Orica, has won the ITSM Project of the year award at the 2013 itSMF Industry Awards. Orica claimed the award for its globalisation of IT service delivery project, a transformational chang..

    UXC partners with ServiceNow, reinforces end-to-end ITSM implementation capability  

    Melbourne, 7 August 2013 UXC Limited is pleased to announce that it has formed a partnership with ServiceNow as part of a strategic investment in providing industry leading cloud services and world class end-to-end IT Service Management (ITS..

    Nick Mescher To Speak At IT Leaders Summit  

    Melbourne, Australia, 26 July 2013 UXC Consulting CEO Nick Mescher will speak at the WA I.T. Leaders Summit at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle on Monday 29th July. His presentation - The New Project Paradigm – Can Your Capability ..

    Rising to the challenge of the CEO Sleepout  

    Melbourne, Australia, 3 July 2013 The St Vincent de Paul Society asks people to ‘Rise To The Challenge’ of ridding Australia of homelessness through its CEO Sleepout event (

    UXC Consulting launches in Singapore and Malaysia  

    Melbourne, Australia, 1 July 2013 UXC Consulting has launched operations in South-East Asia with the unveiling of offices in Singapore and Malaysia. Having operated in the region under the Lucid IT brand for several years, the company will be..

    UXC Consulting sponsors itSMF conference for 16th consecutive year  

    Melbourne, Australia, 24 June 2013 UXC Consulting continues its support for the Australian itSMF community as a major sponsor of the 16th annual itSMF conference. This year’s ‘LEADit 2013’ conference and exhibition is being ..

    Nick Mescher raises money for the homeless during his second CEO Sleepout  

    Melbourne, Australia, 7 June 2013 ( Thursday 20 June 2013 the annual Vinnies CEO Sleepout will take place in capital cities across Australia, where Nick Mescher will join more t..

    Foodie Fundraising for Red Kite: UXC presents Eat Street 2013  

    Melbourne, Australia, 30 May 2013 UXC Consulting were delighted to support the important work of Red Kite ( as part of UXC presents Eat Street 2013 at the Sofitel Hotel on Tuesday. Now in its 14th year, the &..

    A 'date' with UXC Consulting  

    Sydney, Australia, 9 April 2013 Business Transformation National Practice Lead Nikki Alberts, and Principal Consultant Ian Sharpe, will present at an innovative ‘Speed Learning’ event this week. The first combined PMI (Project..

    UXC Consulting to sponsor, exhibit and speak at Red Rock Leadership Forum 2013  

    Sydney, Australia, 6 March 2013 UXC Consulting Principle Consultant, Tania Carra, will be delivering a Change Management presentation at the Red Rock Oracle Leadership Forum on Wednesday 6 March. The presentation is titled Change Happens!..

    UXC Consulting consolidates presence in ACT, joins sister companies in new office  

    Melbourne, Australia, 17 December 2012 UXC Consulting has officially opened its new office in Canberra, a move that will help it deliver a broader range of services to customers in the Australian Capital Territory. This consolidated pres..

    UXC Consulting launches a re-focused Communications Practice  

    Melbourne, Australia, 10 December 2012 UXC Consulting has launched a new look Communications Practice with a refreshed set of offerings, more aligned to current industry directions and leveraging the delivery strength of other UXC divisions. ..

    UXC Consulting client the first Queensland organisation to achieve ISO20000 certification  

    Melbourne, Australia, 3 December 2012 The Queensland Government’s Public Safety Network Management Centre (PSNMC) is the first Queensland organisation to be awarded ISO/IEC 20000 certification, as well as being one of only two public se..

    UXC Consulting consolidates presence in WA, joins sister companies in new office  

    Melbourne, Australia, 23 November 2012 UXC Consulting has officially opened its new office in Perth, a move that will help it deliver a broader range of services to customers in Western Australia. The new UXC Consulting office is led by ..

    AIPM Project Management Conference A Resounding Success  

    Melbourne, Australia, 16 October 2012 UXC Consulting continued its active participation in the Project Management industry, joining over 700 delegates at the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) 2012 National Conference in Melbou..

    UXC Consulting’s Roger Fance completes Black Dog Ride for charity  

    Sydney, Australia, 31 August 2012 The Black Dog Ride to Australia’s Red Centre is now in its third year after being started by Steve Andrews from Perth who was shaken into action by the suicide of his best friend's wife. During Aug..

    UXC Consulting Partners of APMG International Showcase 2012  

    Brisbane, Australia, 23 August 2012 UXC Consulting is partnering with APMG at the third annual APMG-International Showcase (formerly Best Practice Showcase). This year’s event is being held on Friday 14 September 2012 at the Brisbane Co..

    Ian Sharpe Speaking At PM Collaboration Forum  

    Sydney, Australia, 21 August 2012 UXC Consulting Principal Consultant Ian Sharpe will be speaking about building your 21st Century Project Management and leadership capability (/services-1/high-performance-leaders-teams) at the upcoming PMI (..

    UXC Consulting Platinum Sponsors of itSMF Conference 2012  

    Melbourne, Australia, 6 August 2012 UXC Consulting continues it’s support for the Australian itSMF community as a major sponsor of the 15th annual itSMF conference. This year’s "LEADit 2012" conference and exhibition is being held..

    UXC Consulting Wins Project Management Achievement Award  

    Melbourne, Australia, 3 August 2012 UXC Consulting’s submission for the Citipower/Powercor ‘Telephony Project’ has been successful in the prestigious AIPM PMAA Awards (, winning t..

    Forecast UXC: Actionable Insights for IT Leaders  

    Melbourne, Australia, 4 July 2012 Forecast UXC is a complimentary annual report that identifies key trends around emerging technologies and consumer behaviour and how they are impacting traditional business processes. Actionable insights to h..

    UXC Consulting Chairs FST Industry Leaders Panel  

    Melbourne, Australia, 3 July 2012 UXC Consulting Regional Director for Victoria, Claire Bourke, was the moderator for the Industry Leaders Panel at the recent FST Technology & Innovation Conference in Melbourne. (

    Hundreds of business and government leaders turn out to see former NASA Director of Astrophysics  

    Sydney, Australia, 30 March 2012 Dr Charles Pellerin recently completed his tour of Australia delivering workshops, keynote presentations and media interviews on how to build high performing leaders and teams with his 4-D Systems. With i..

    UXC Consulting to sponsor, exhibit and speak at Red Rock Leadership Forum 2012  

    Sydney, Australia, 27 February 2012 UXC Consulting Managing Consultant Tim Roberts will be presenting a Business Transformation Case Study at the Red Rock Oracle Leadership Forum on Thursday 8 March. Red Rock and UXC Consulting were engag..

    Former NASA Director of Astrophysics to visit Australia and deliver workshops for high performing leaders and teams  

    Melbourne, Australia, 12 December 2011 UXC Consulting is bringing Dr. Charles Pellerin to Australia to workshop his 4-D system with an exclusive business and government audience in March 2012. One-day workshops are being led by Dr. Peller..

    UXC Consulting finds Australian businesses need to either compete against Cloud or embrace it  

    Melbourne, Australia, 10 November 2011 Only 4.5 per cent of Australian businesses have the cloud service model built into their IT Service Management (ITSM) framework according to a recent survey conducted by UXC Consulting. ITSM focuses ..

    UXC Consulting offers new service to improve the delivery success of major IT and business projects  

    Melbourne, Australia, 26 October 2011 UXC Consulting has expanded its Business Transformation service offering to become a preferred provider’ of 4-D systems in Australia and New Zealand. The 4-D system is used extensively by NASA ..

    Increasing demand for project delivery in Australia ignites competition for multi-skilled project managers locally  

    Melbourne, Australia, 26 October 2011 IT project managers who have entered the world of project planning and governance in the last five years, may not have the skills to do the job, while many senior managers are out of practice in project d..

    UXC Consulting finds BYO computing a top concern for Australian enterprise  

    Melbourne, Australia, 5 October 2011 More than half of Australian businesses are in the early stages of implementing IT Service Management (ITSM) frameworks that support the emerging trend of BYO computing, according to a recent survey cond..

    UXC Consulting supports NSW Police and the community  

    Sydney, Australia, 24 September 2011 Recognising the good work of NSW Police and with a long standing relationship through the Gibson Quai-AAS brand, UXC Consulting has once again sponsored a table at the Blue Ribbon Ball. The Blue Ri..

    UXC merges its consulting groups to form UXC Consulting  

    Melbourne, Australia, August 2011 UXC has launched its merged consultancy entities under the name of UXC Consulting, in line with its new simplified business structure. Nick Mescher has been appointed the CEO of UXC Consulting which brings t..

    UXC Consulting Launches  

    Australia, 1 July 2011 As part of UXC’s ongoing commitment to offer a local alternative to the multi-nationals we have recognised the need to become simpler to deal with and to offer a broader portfolio of services to our customers. We ..